Why Montague WebWorks?

Patrick Davis discusses CMS technology and our dynamic software RocketFusion

Patrick Davis

Content Management Systems (CMS) give non-technical people the tools to add and edit web pages on the fly. Using a CMS, it now becomes all about the content and not the ins and outs of how it works. With a CMS a user doesn't need to understand html or any other type of coding. A CMS allows a website owner to concentrate on the important stuff: the content. Montague WebWorks' website product RocketFusion is a CMS, and a darned good one, too.

With a CMS you can create a "dynamic site." This means the words and pictures are stored in a database and the web pages people view are created by software on the server dynamically instead of being in static files on the server.

In the past, dynamic websites would present problems for search engines because of their dynamic nature, but today CMS's are fully search engine friendly. In our opinion there is no compelling argument against using a CMS and plenty of reasons you should, such as:

  1. Time to market is days, not months.
  2. An unlimited amount of CSS-driven html presentations or "front ends" can be customized to work with the back end CMS.
  3. A CMS allows you to collect, edit, distribute and prioritize content in a uniquely fluid and dynamic way.
  4. The cost for a multi-page, fully functional design is a significant savings versus traditional "bottom-up" designs, which may become costly to maintain and technologically irrelevant in a short period of time.
  5. Montague WebWorks provides integrated hosting and technical support, custom add-on and imaging work, logo creation, and search engine optimization services which mesh with your new dynamic site.

It is my hope you will contact them to ask questions and to more fully discuss the opportunities RocketFusion can provide.

Patrick C. Davis

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