MWW Launches Another Town Website

Montague WebWorks launches the second Town website in three months

With the launching of the Town of Greenfield website in December of 2015, Montague WebWorks had officially entered into the Town Website market.

Soon after the Greenfield launch, MWW was contacted by three additional Towns, one of which was Leyden, MA. MWW owner Mik Muller met with the Town Selectboard, the Town Clerk, the Town Accountant, and other Town officials in February to discuss cost and timing. One month later, on March 24th, their website was live.

Town Clerk Bob Hardesty, who spearheaded the project, was very pleased at how the website looked, and how quickly it came together. Greeting Mik at the door of Town Hall on launch date, when it was time for a quick training, he was beaming with excitement. "This is a very big day!"

Town Accountant Tracey Baronas was surprised at how easy it was to upload files and add meeting times and agendas to the calendar. "Wow, that's all there is to it?" she commented. "Your RocketFusion software is so easy!"

Mik finished up the day with a quick session of exporting and importing town resident email addresses into the Contact module of the website so Bob and Tracey and other Town staff could send out email blasts of upcoming meetings and alerts.

Town Selectboard members agreed it was money well spent.

If you would like to move your Town onto the RocketFusion platform for ease of use and notifications, please contact Mik Muller at 413-320-5336. It is far cheaper -- and much faster to set up -- than the big Boston town website firms. And we're local!