MWW Upgrades DNS Servers

Montague WebWorks switches DNS software and adds a third name server

Over this past week, Montague WebWorks ugraded the DNS (Domain Name Server) away from Windows' DNS to an integrated solution, completing the final technology upgrade in its four-step plan, which started back in September of 2017.

This final upgrade step enables MWW staff to create new websites on any of its four platforms, on any of its servers, without having to manually create DNS Zone files, thus avoiding a delay in new website deployment, and ensuring all Zone files are syntactically correct, and deployed across all three name servers.

This new custom domain management system also will double as a tool to exort every website we host for the marketing purposes, such as print ads and our Tips & Tricks book, as well as double-checking our monthly billings. With all the street addresses properly inputted, we can also create dynamic pin maps on Google, and ensure Geo Location SEO is correct for each website.

With the completion of the server upgrades, which has been discussed in previous articles here, MWW can now get back to the business of creating new websites, and upgrading its web software platforms, including RocketFusion and OnePage Quickie.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the best the Pioneer Valley has to offer.