Montague WebWorks Launches Real Estate Module

MWW creates a new content module in RocketFusion CMS that automatically pulls property listings from MLS every hour!

This new Real Estate Module works hand-in-hand with a new automated "Import" process on our server, which connects to the MLS server once an hour and pulls down several CSV text files containing the info for *every* property in their database. That's well over 50,000 if you include everything, such as Single Family, Multiple Family, Land, etc!

We then search through every listing in these files for properties that are represented by either the MLS OfficeID or AgentID for each website that is configured to use the new Real Estate module. The properties we find that match are then inserted into the website's database, and the image files are then pulled over from the MLS servers.

Here's a diagram that simplifies the workflow:

And because we like to give our customers options...

  • There are three options for how to segregate the listings: by status (active, sold, etc); by town; and by type (sf, mf, ld, etc).
  • There are two options for how to display the listings: tiles (Cathy Roberts); and cards (Fitzgerald).
  • You also have the option of not displaying sold properties, regardless of how the two options above are set.

More options will come available as we continue to develop the Real Estate Module, including listing open houses.

Local real estate agencies currently using this new module are...

... with more coming online in the next couple weeks!

If you are a real estate agent, whether you're at an agency or on your own, you need a website that shows only your properties so you can be found on the web.

Call Montague WebWorks today and have us set up a quick, simple real estate website for you. Inexpensive, and a quick turnaround.

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