Montague WebWorks Upgrades the Page Editor

New version of CKEditor, plus a built-in PHOTO UPLOADER

In our continuing effort to make the RocketFusion software easier to use, Montague WebWorks has upgraded the Page Editor (called "CKEditor") to the latest version of the v4 release, and integrated a new image upload and management module, custom written for us.

Please note: If you still see the old Page Editor, you will need to hit Shift-Ctrl-R on your keyboard to force a reloading of the new code!

Please Direct Your Attention To The Image Tool

If you click the little Image button in the tool bar (circled in red in this image)...

... you will be presented with a slightly different interface for managing / adding an image.

If you are adding a new photo, you should click the "Select File" button (again, circled in red in this image)...

... and a new, larger window will pop up.

This is the window where you can choose where to select images from:

  • Page Images
  • Photo Gallery
  • News
  • Calendar

Simply click on the image you would like to use, then click the "Select" button, above, and you'll be returned to the previous window, where you can click OK to get the photo onto your page.

If you are in the Page Images folder, you will also be able to Upload new images, or Delete an image if you no longer want it on the server.

To upload a new image from your computer, simply click the blue Upload button, find and choose the file, click Select, and then click the Upload File button.

The image will now be available to click Select to bring onto your page.

Better Yet... How About Just Clicking and Dragging?

Another new feature, which is even easier, is the ability to simply click and drag an image from your computer right into the editor itself! No need to click the Image tool in the toolbar.

Just create a blank line on your page, open a file window on your computer, and click and drag the image into the new blank line. The editor will upload the file, resize it if need be, and give you the ability to align the image, as per normal.

You can also move it around by mousing-over the image, and clicking and dragging it by the tiny box that appears on the top left when you mouse-over.

Give it a try!