Montague Community Calendar

Local annual birthday calendar has just a few open advertising slots

Montague Community CalendarIt's that time of year for the annual Montague Community Calendar, which is now in its 66th issue!

This calendar runs from August to July and features birthday and anniversary listings for anyone willing to plunk down 50 cents per birthday or anniversary. The committee that creates the calendar prints 250 copies each year.

The calendar costs $5 to purchase, and has a different photo each year, most of the time something from the Montague Historical Society's vast library of postcards and photos.

There are just a few spots left for ads to help underwrite the printing. Montague WebWorks has been supporting this calendar for about five or six years now, and we love it.

A "small" advertisement costs $45, and a "large" double-wide ad costs $65. You get a free calendar with your ad.

Last I heard, there was room for three small ads, or one large ad and one small ad. First come. First served.

And even if you don't need to put an ad in there, you may still want to put in your birthday or anniversary!

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