Montague WebWorks Upgrading Again

Greenfield-based Web Design and Hosting Company Migrating to Faster Servers and Upgrading to Bootstrap 4

In December of 2014 we wrote about an impending server upgrade to a "Google-grade" server. Well, believe it or not, we are feeling a little tight in that big box, so we're upgrading again!

This upgrade will happen sometime in the next few weeks, and should be completed by the first week of November.

The specs of our existing main machine can be seen above. The new server will have more RAM, more processors, and much more hard drive space. We will follow-up with another article about the machine itself, and how it'll be configured, for those of you who are interested in that kind of stuff.

The upshot will be that we can have several more "Virtual Machines" inside the monster server, all connected by a virtual network to the VM that runs the database. This will produce ludicrous speeds of connectivity to the databases from every virtual machine inside the main box.

With the added number of virtual machines, we have the flexibility to spin up additional servers, one for each of our platforms, each fine-tuned to the exact resource needs each platform requires, ie; RocketFusion, Ecommerce, Community Server, OnePage Quickie, etc. We will also have the ability to set up a generic cPanel-based server for customers who want to run WordPress or other open source platforms.

Bootstrap 4

bootstrap4The other upgrade news is for our RocketFusion customers. We have begun the upgrade from Bootstrap v3.3 to Bootstrap v4.1.3, which will bring with it a whole slew of new capabilities and features.

Once it's in we will begin upgrading the Administrative interface significantly. everything will become easier, and more intuitive. We will also add more semantic tags to the Photo Gallery Module to make the built-in ecommerce more transparent to Google.

So many plans...

This is why we cancelled the WebWorks University class this month on the Photo Gallery... SERVER UPGRADES!