The 2018 Tips & Tricks Book is Coming!

Get your advertisement in the book while we still have open slots

The 2017 MWW Web Tips & SEO Tricks Book

It's that time again! We are pulling together a bunch of interesting articles on how to better your website, regardless of whether you're a MWW customer or not, and listing *all* of our customers and website projects, around 325 of them, into one, small, compact, cute little black book.

We're building it right now, and will have it printed and in-hand, by mid-December. We're printing 700 books this time, and 200 of them will be distributed at the Franklin County Chamber holiday breakfast in December. The remaining will be handed out to new customers, prospects, and other local business people. To date, we've printed 1,500 of these, and we've completely run out.

A full-page display ad in the book is $225. Ads will be in black and white. We will keep the total number of display ad pages to 20. So far we've sold four, so there are sixteen slots left.

The book this year will feature more articles, and will run 145 pages! So many more customers, and so many things to write about!

As our circle of friends and customer extends, more and more people tell us they just leave the book on their desk and refer to it for potential contractors, realtors, etc. They love the long list of over 300 local websites (our customers and projects) and they do stop to look at the ads, as they're all LOCAL businesses, too. "Oh, I know them!" I often hear them say when they first get the book in their hands and they flip through.

This is low-cost, high-value advertising. These books hang around for years, and people still open them up for referrals.

So, think about placing an ad in our book... but don't think about it too long. Deadline for ads, paid in full, is Friday, November 9th. Two weeks from today.

Check out our page with all three editions. >>

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks, as always, and get your ad in ASAP.