It Only Works if You Work It!

If you don’t have the time to work on your website, we are here to help

As a web development and hosting company, we are obviously biased about the importance and value of having a website as the top priority for your business marketing strategy for a number of reasons:

  1. Your website is always “on” — even when you’re sleeping your electronic shingle is up.
  2. It’s cost effective — nowhere else can you get this kind of exposure and be found by customers for an average of $20.00 per month.
  3. You are in control — unlike other social media or electronic listings, you have the ability to manage your content without the clutter of other ads and distractions.
  4. It allows you to communicate in multiple ways — via newsletters, email blasts, and reposting to social media which drive customers back to your base: the website.

However, and we say this a lot: it only works if you work it.

We regularly share tips and tricks to get noticed via search engine optimization (SEO), which requires some initial leg work to get set up. We also stress the importance of keeping content fresh by posting news, events, deals, etc.

Montague WebWorks’ business model has always been to provide customers a website that is easily modified and affordable. We advise folks how to develop an SEO strategy that results in multiple leads via their site. We have seen businesses that run with it and are rewarded with increased business and productivity.

We also recognize that not everyone has the time or temperament to do this for themselves. If you are one of these people this article is for you. Now that I have expanded my hours at the business, and we have additional help around the office, we are able to offer ongoing web management and marketing services or individual consultations.

Additional Services Montague WebWorks Now Provides

  1. Write and share news articles for your site if you give us an idea of what you want to promote.
  2. Create email updates to send to customers to keep them engaged with your business.
  3. Share information on social media sites.
  4. Set up or update your Google listings and consult with you on other search engine tactics.

I encourage you to get in touch; we can help you “work it.”

-Donna DuSell
Montague WebWorks