Montague WebWorks Lands on Main Street!

MWW moves their offices to Main Street in Greenfield on anniversary of Moon Landing

Mik, Joey, Donna, and Sean

Just days before the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing, Montague WebWorks has moved into the Borofsky Block building behind The Smoke Shop at 239 Main Street. The mural is our outer wall!

With sky-high ceilings and ambitions, Mik, Donna, Joey, and Sean have settled in to the new space.

The sky's the limit!

We continue to work on our RocketFusion software. Newer, space-aged tools and features have recently been added, and more are on the way! Customers may have already noticed the changes:

  • RocketFusion_cartoonNew Content Sections Tool allows you to put any content anywhere
  • New Bucket Module allows you to drop photos and text blocks on any page
  • New Weekly Calendar Emails allows visitors to subscribe to your calendar events
  • New Photo Drop Zone allows you to easily add images to news, calendar, pages, etc
  • New Mobile Friendly Website Templates allow you to have a beautiful website, for less!

These are all Small Steps for us, but a Giant Leap for our customers, old and new.

Let us help you launch your business to new heights.

Stop by and say hello!