Montague WebWorks Takes the Next Step: Incorporation!

Owner Mik Muller has been operating MWW as a DBA for years.

Planning for the future is something every company needs to do, and we're no different. Montague WebWorks has been growing at an accelerated rate for the past two years, and so it's time to take the next step and incorporate the business.

We are now, officially, Montague WebWorks, Inc.

And with this change comes a new person: Donna DuSell, our new Business Manager, and the CFO of MWW, Inc.

Donna bring years of business management experience, having run her own business, and runs a tight fiscal ship. She's been a teacher, a writer, and a mentor. She has excellent people skills, especially with youth and teachers, and knows how to network.

This all comes at a time of potentially explosive growth for MWW, what with the new web product we are launching, the One Page Quickie.

More on that, soon...