Coming This Winter: ECOMMERCE

Montague WebWorks adds real e-commerce to the RocketFusion platform

After many years of simply adding PayPal buttons to photos in a Gallery category, relying on a flat-pricing and shipping scheme, our customers have asked for more. They want real ecommerce, with inventory, and calculated shipping.

So, Mik went to the drawing table, researched what many ecom platforms offered, and boiled it down to a simple starting set of capabilities.

This work will be completed by the end of February, 2020, just in time for this year's holiday selling season.

Basic features will include creating categories, adding items, assigning prices, weights and dimensions (for shipping), inventory, and item options. The merchant gateways supported will begin with Stripe, and then Your customers will be able to save their account for return orders, and website owners will be able to see simple reports on orders and inventory and allow people to sign up for email notifications about sales and new products.

As with all things in RocketFusion, this new Ecom Module will not be a serious contender to giants like Shopify, Etsy, etc., but will be a simple entry point for local businesses who already have a website and want to sell stuff online, and have a friendly, local company for technical support.

Pricing will start at $300 to add this premium module to your existing RocketFusion site, depending on how many products you have, and how many photos and options you have for each product.

If you are interested in adding ecommerce to your existing RocketFusion website, or have been thinking of creating a new website to sell your wares, please let us know. We'll continue to send out news about this exciting new feature.