Update: Montague WebWorks Server Upgrades

We have been working for a couple weeks and are about halfway through Phase 1

As we mentioned in our previous news post, we are now in the throws of major server upgrades here at Montague WebWorks.

We are taking a multi-phase approach to the upgrades:

  1. Upgrade the Host Server (done)
  2. Set up a new, faster Database Sever, and then move all 333 website databases to it (done)
  3. Set up a new, faster Web Server for all RocketFusion websites (done), and then move all RF sites to it
  4. Investigate and improve any slow web code or database scripts
  5. Review and improve all bulk emailing code for better performance, less bounces, and improved reporting
  6. Install new file and image management code for easier website maintenance
  7. Improve the photo gallery module to look better, and have more e-commerce features
  8. Improve our new product, One Page Quickie, to be easier to set up and have more features

All of this work will result in much faster websites that are easier to maintain and really work to help your business.

We hope to have all this done by the end of November so we can focus on marketing in December and January:

  • 2500 postcards to contractors in the Pioneer Valley, sent twice (Dec/Jan)
  • Postcard campaign to small farms, also in the Pioneer Valley, sent twice (Dec/Jan)
  • Eight weeks of radio advertising on local radio stations (Jan/Feb)
  • Facebook ad campaign (Dec/Jan/Feb)
  • Google AdWords campaign (Dec/Jan/Feb)
  • Full page ad in the Montague Reporter celebrating the new Town of Montague website, and listing all the websites we host (Nov)
  • Print the latest edition of our annual MWW Web Tips and SEO Tricks booklet (Dec)

We are going full tilt this fall and winter, and hope to almost double our number of customers in 2018!

In Other News...

Two things to keep in mind:

Our Tenth Anniversary party is coming up on Saturday, October 14th. It's at the Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club, (where Mutton and Mead is held). Free to all MWW customers staff and family. We hope you can make it. (Read more.)

Our annual MWW Web Tips and SEO Tricks booklet will again be printed this December. Most of the articles will have been rewritten / updated, and many new ones will be added. All customers will be listed in the classifieds for free, but if you want to take out a display ad in this book, please let me know. The deadline for display ads is mid-November.

So, that's the October 3rd wrap-up. I hope to see you soon!