Roger Tincknell Seeks to Sell his CDs

A facelift and new CMS helps Roger control his destiny Tincknell had pretty much had it with his old website. It was way out of date, some links didn't work, and he hadn't sold a CD in months.

He came to Montague WebWorks asking for help. He wanted to be able to accumulate subscribers on his website to send them news updates about his schedule; edit and update his website; and sell CDs through PayPal; and he wanted it all before the holiday season.

Lucky for him, this is exactly what MWW specializes in, with the WebWorks Lite CMS. Once we had approval for the layout of the site (the look-and-feel) we had his site up and running and completely functional within two days. Another couple of days for tweaking, setting up his email, and off he went.

Happiness sometimes is more than just a warm puppy.