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Michael Muller, Managing Partner of Montague Webworks, discusses our business platform and service factors.

Michael Muller, CTO, Montague WebWorks

Michael B. Muller, president,
Montague WebWorks

Montague Webworks prides itself on having a simple business approach to all projects on which we work. These are...

A good website needs an effective and creative on-line strategy. We work with you to identify your target audience, get them to your website, get them involved with it so that they come back again and again. It is also important that we understand your business and website objectives. Our key players spend time with you to learn about your business and its plans.

Brand values
It is important to ensure that brand values are conveyed online through the use of thoughtful and innovative web design, easy navigation, engaging interactivity, speed, compatibility and relevant content.

Underlying technologies are constantly changing. Too many websites can be become over-programmed leading to incompatibilities, errors and server issues. We use cutting-edge, future-proof, user-friendly programming and make sure it works all the time.

Server management
Server management is important. We host client websites and marketing databases on firewall- and UPS-protected high-speed servers. We also manage their domains, architecture, search engine registration and other IT services. We provide no-nonsense Service Level Agreements with undertakings to respond to faults or failures within one hour of notification.

Site management
We manage and monitor your website on a day-to-day basis. We can also manage your brand globally, on the Internet, ensuring the brand value remains visually and technically consistent.

Search engines
Getting found is just as important. Once your website has been created, we help clients channel traffic towards their web site by integrating it into existing advertising, PR, promotions, off and online marketing, including search engines and e-media. These functions are carried out either with partner specialists or with your preferred suppliers.

But before even laying a finger on a keyboard, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve and structure a process to ensure that deliverables arrive on target, on time and on budget. Please contact us today for more information or for a personal call or email.

Michael Muller, president
Montague WebWorks