Good Dirt Pottery Fires Up New Website

Montague WebWorks has the Kiln-Do Attitude

Good Dirt Pottery's Jaye Pope had had enough.  Her old website was difficult to navigate and she had trouble uploading her images and generally dealing with her content.  And the site was really ugly. She asked Montague WebWorks to step in and fix the situation.

Michael Muller, co-founder of Montague WebWorks, paid Jaye an in-home visit, went over the software, showed her some designs, and made some recommendations.  Jaye approved a design, gave the go ahead, and the work began.

Good Dirt Pottery now has a slick looking, easy to access and maintain website with a simple PayPal shopping cart and a built-in contact / customer manager. Jaye can upload new images of her work, manage the prices, edit her news, and collect a contact database of customers and dealers, all in one place.

Jaye commented "I can't tell you how happy I am about the new website. It looks great, and I can get my updates done quickly and with no hassles."

The  clay Jaye works from is individually crafted on the potters wheel,  hand built, or cast in molds of her own design, bringing out the unique personality of each mug,  plate, bowl or jar.  Her water fountains, set in an entrance way or garden, can bring the relaxing sounds of water into your home, lending charm and elegance to your personal space.


Montague WebWorks, with offices in Montague, Athol and Northampton, can be reached at (413) 320-5336 or for more information.

Montague WebWorks proprietary Content Management System (CMS) dubbed "RocketFusion" can be installed behind almost any website template, either purchased, downloaded free, or hand-created by a designer of your choice. The software sports static pages, image galleries, file cabinets, news and a dynamic databased contact management system, built-in to the news and static pages. HTML experience is not required to operate your website, allowing almost anyone to maintain it. As such there are no monthly fees for updates.