It’s 2012 -- Update your copyright dates!

Happy New Year!

As part of your New Year website review (which everyone should do in January) you should make sure to change the (c) copyright date at the bottom of your website. In the footer.

Very Simple!  Just log in to your website, scroll to the bottom, click the pencil, and change the year to 2012.

If you would prefer to not have to remember this every year, there is a new feature in the software that will automate the change for you. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Edit your footer by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the pencil.
  2. REMOVE the copyright date and the name of your website, ie; "(c) 2011 Your Website Name." Leave the rest of whatever text is in there.
  3. Click the Save Button
  4. Go to Admin > Control Panel
  5. Scroll down to "YN_Show_Footer_Copyright"
  6. Set this to Yes.
  7. Make sure your "text_Owner_Name" has the proper info, as this will be inserted into the footer for you. (Scroll up the Control Panel page a little).
  8. Click the Save button.

From now on the RocketFusion software will automatically change the copyright year for you in your footer.

More tricks and tips like this at tonight's WebWorks University class at the Greenfield Grille. See you then?