WebWorks University Returns in December

Four classes, one per week, on Page Sections and other RocketFusion things

Montague WebWorks is back to holding RocketFusion training classes via Zoom, with four classes in December!

The last WebWorks University we held was back in March, right after the COVID lockdown. Since then we've been hunkered down, writing code and building new websites.

In this class we'll go over the RocketFusion editing feature PAGE SECTIONS, the new and exciting way to add content to your RocketFusion website. We will review how the new feature works, and maybe even go through and update some of the content on your websites.

The class will be held online via Zoom video.

There will be four classes in December covering this topic. You may join us for one or more of the classes. There is no class limit, and RSVP is not necessary.

Hope to see you at the training!