New WWU Class Schedule

Montague WebWorks sets the dates for March through September Classes

Montague WebWorks has set the spring and summer schedule for WebWorks University classes in 2014:

  • Tue, March 25
  • Wed, April 30
  • Thu, May 29
  • Tue, June 24
  • Wed, July 30
  • Tue, August 26
  • Wed, September 24

All classes start at 6:00 PM, and are held at the Greenfield Grille on Federal Street in Greenfield.

Please put these in your calendar, and attend if you can. As always, regular classes are free.

We are also looking for a good venue in Amherst, Hadley or Northampton to hold quarterly classes for our customers in Hampshire County. These, too, will be free.

We are putting together a "Master Class" that will be held (likely) in April, which will include advanced topics such as style sheets (CSS), and your template files (HTML), as well as some handy tools to help dissect your templates so you can understand what is going on with your website layout. This class will likely be $20 per person per class, and will include a take-home guide with tips and stuff like that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mik at (413) 320-5336.