Custom URLs are finally here

Yes, an age-old function seen everywhere else finally gets written into RocketFusion

Some customers have been waiting quite a while to have the capability to have a custom address for each page that doesn't look like machine code.

Sample URLs (Universal Resource Locator)

For instance, this news story uses the following URL:

But wouldn't it be better if it could look like this..

... with the main news page looking like this...


And the contact page, which has always looked like this...

... now looks like this...


And regular pages, such as our client list page, used to look like this:

... bot now looks like this...

How does it work?

The website still needs to gave the page ID number in there somewhere, but now it's buried a little better, and the "index.cfm?" part is gone. This will make all your web pages easier to find by Google, and thus the world.

For regular pages on your website (ie; not news, or gallery pages) the title that appears in the URL is generated by you from one of three sources, set by you when editing a page:

  1. The Short URL, if it is present (click Advanced Info).
  2. The longer Page Title, if it is present
  3. The Nav Title, if the other two are blank

News pages will always just use the News Title.

For now, the main news page, files page, forms page, gallery page, calendar page and contact page will all have the URL locked to /news, /files, /forms, /gallery, /calendar, and /contact. In the coming weeks you will be able to modify those as well.

Early next week we will also update all the individual gallery pages and calendar months / items. We had to stop working on this today to prepare for the Master Class later tonight. (Are you coming? Call Mik!)

And yes, all the old URLs still work, in case someone has been linking into your site's pages.

Anyway, just thought you should know.