Amherst Farmers Supply Grows Into New Website

Hires local heroes Montague WebWorks to recycle the old into new

The staff and owners of the Amherst Farmers Supply family of stores were tired of waiting for their old web company to get around to making updates, and they wanted to give their three websites a facelift. They searched around for someone local and responsive, and landed on Montague WebWorks.

Mik Muller and Greg Aubin met with Cheryl Simanski and Vicki L'Abbee at sister store the Fire Place in Whately and laid out the plan. New photos, new content, and a new system to bring it all into the 21st Century, and enable Cheryl and Vicki to edit the websites on their own, whenever they wanted: RocketFusion. and were a simple matter. Simply create a new layout and copy over the existing content. Reasses the navigation, and add some new photos. A typical job for Montague WebWorks. was a different story. They needed to get their inventory onto the website. Mik worked with Vicki to export the list from their Point Of Sale database, cleaned it up, and imported it into the new website. Within a matter of days Greg had assembled the dozens of new photos to match. Content was approved, and they were done.

The next task was in retrieving the domain names. None of them were in any company registrar accounts. Mik worked with Cheryl to reach the old contacts and help them retrieve the domain log ins. This took several weeks, with lots of follow-up.

Within days of the new websites going live, Vicki and Cheryl were already in the system adding news articles and updating website content.

"This is very easy!" said Vicki.

"Thank you Mik, for helping us get back on track and looking so good!" said Cheryl.

Amherst Farmers Supply looks forward to working closer with their customers, utilizing their interactive new website.